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Popular Lori Holt Quilt Pattern Fabric

You won’t find more visually stunning and captivating quilting designs than in our Lori Holt patchwork fabric collection. Lori Holt is a beloved quilt pattern maker who specializes in creating beautiful and simple designs for her customers. Her patterns range from simple prints to gorgeous flower patterns and are all available in 100 percent cotton.

Stash Addict Quilts has some of the popular designer’s work, and you can enjoy great savings you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for yard increments or bundles, you’ll find every size and type of fabric here with Lori Holt fabric for quilts.

Our mission is to make our customers happy, and by providing you with Lori Holt’s finest designs, we know your quilting dreams are one step closer to coming true. Shop with us today to find Lori Holt fabric bundles for sale at great prices!

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Bake Sale 2 Bake Sale 2 Bake Sale 2 Aqua Recipe Yardage  SKU# C6981-AQUA
Bake Sale 2 Green Recipe Yardage  SKU# C6981-GREEN Bake Sale 2 Red Recipe Yardage  SKU# C6981-RED Bake Sale 2 Aqua Plater Yardage  SKU# C6982-AQUA
Bake Sale 2 Red Plater Yardage  SKU# C6982-RED Bake Sale 2 Bake Sale 2 Pink Floral Yardage  SKU# C6983-PINK
Bake Sale 2 White Floral Yardage  SKU# C6983-WHITE Bake Sale 2 Nutmeg Tulip Yardage  SKU# C6984-NUTMEG Bake Sale 2 Red Tulip Yardage  SKU# C6984-RED
Bake Sale 2 Aqua Strawberry Yardage  SKU# C6985-AQUA Bake Sale 2 Green Strawberry Yardage  SKU# C6985-GREEN Bake Sale 2 Yellow Strawberry Yardage  SKU# C6985-YELLOW
Bake Sale 2 Aqua Cherry Yardage  SKU# C6986-AQUA Bake Sale 2 Pink Cherry Yardage  SKU# C6986-PINK Bake Sale 2 Yellow Cherry Yardage  SKU# C6986-YELLOW
Bake Sale 2 Green Dot Yardage  SKU# C6987-GREEN Bake Sale 2 Pink Dot Yardage  SKU# C6987-PINK Bake Sale 2 Yellow Dot Yardage  SKU# C6987-YELLOW
Bake Sale 2 Aqua Gingham Yardage  SKU# C6988-AQUA Bake Sale 2 Green Gingham Yardage  SKU# C6988-GREEN Bake Sale 2 Nutmeg Gingham Yardage  SKU# C6988-NUTMEG
Bake Sale 2 Bake Sale 2 Red Gingham Yardage  SKU# C6988-RED Bake Sale 2 Yellow Gingham Yardage  SKU# C6988-YELLOW
Bake Sale 2 Green Fat Eighth Quilt Panel  SKU# FEP6989-GREEN Bake Sale 2 Nutmeg Fat Eighth Quilt Panel  SKU# FEP6989-NUTMEG Bake Sale 2 Nutmeg Fat Eighth Quilt Panel  SKU# FEP6989-NUTMEG